Summary in English.

Who may enrol?

Both last course (2017-18) OFFICIAL student and any new students, too


From 1 to 19 September (19th September until 1 o'clock pm only)
If I still have to resit in September, I should wait until I get my final marks in September.

If I have sat my exam 4 times but I have not had a pass yet, I may apply for an extra exam call (convocatoria de Gracia). If this be the case, I should place my application at the school office from 19th September to 4th October (4th October until 1 pm only)


www.euskadi.eus/eoi→ Matrícula Oficial → Proceso → Solicitud de matrícula → Solicitudes de Matrícula

But I do not know what my level might be

I should take the online placement test

either on

www.euskadi.eus/eoi →Pruebas de nivel


on the school website

And if I already am an OFFICIAL student

I shall enrol for the level which is immediately higher to the one I have passed.

Do I have to produce any documents at the school office?

Until 2 p.m on 19th September, I may produce the original + a photocopy of the relevant document to proof one, or more, of the following

  • I am a citizen of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, or of any EU countries (except Spain) and I am using an official ID card or passport issued in my country.
  • I have been granted the Large Family status (condición de familia numerosa) outside the Basque Country
  • I claim to have some disability
  • I am a Victim of Terrorism
  • I have been a teacher during the past course 2017-18 in some school or university.
  • I am an Official EOI student at some school outside the Basque Autonomous Community.
  • If I require special learning conditions, and I have stated my requirements in the erolment application form.

In any case, I should check the lists of ADMITTED/NON ADMITTED applicants to make sure that everything I require has been rightly considered. Otherwise, I should place a query form at the school office from 21 to 25 September (up to 2pm)

How can I get to know if I have been admitted?

By checking the list of Provisionally Admitted and Non-Admitted Students (listas provisionales de admitidos y no admitidos) on 20 September at:
www.euskadi.eus/eoi Matrícula Oficial →Proceso→Consultas personalizadas → Consultas personalizadas

And on 27 September, I'll have to check the list of definite admitted students (listas definitivas de admitidos y no admitidos) on the school notice board or on the school website.

what shall I do after being admitted?

proceed to make the enrolment fee payment procedures, from 27 to 1 October by internet on

www.euskadi.eus/eoi  → Matrícula Oficial → Proceso→Pago de matrícula → Pago de matrícula
There are two payment options:
- on-line: by credit card.
- off-line: print the payment order and proceed to some bank or ATM.

What if after all that I am not allotted a place?

My application will remain in the waiting list. There will be another process to allocate vacancies on 8thOctober and my application will still be valid. Even after that, there will be other vacancy allocation processes, but those have to be attended in-person at the school premises.


Please note that in case of mismatches with the Spanish and Basque versions of this document, the information in the latter versions will always prevail.

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